Wednesday, June 25, 2014

East Coast 2014 ends today!

WEST and EAST COAST 2014 Trips are ending today! Wow! We had amazing trips this year! Lots of fun together on the road and on the most famous cities from each coast! We would like to thank Rotary International, Chairmen and Inbound Coordinators, Families and Host Families, also our coordinators, guides, drivers and suppliers! Thanks for all the support!
Our special thanks to you Exchange Student! Thanks for traveling with Terra North America - we do hope you enjoyed this trip so much as we did! Thanks! :)
Terra North America Staff

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th - Day 14

Today is June 24th.We all sad!! Why? Because the best trip almost over!!!
But I know everyone has lots of fun today.We went to The Independence hall and get to know lots of new things.For lunch my group have a vietnameese noodles. Seriously super good! We gonna head back to the hotel. Probably has some free time at the pool. I guess we having a goodbye East coast party tonight. Hope there is Pizza. I love food OMG!!

Written by Ze-Bra (!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22nd - Day 12

Third day in New-York
After a good night of sleep, we headed back to the city that never sleeps to discover one of the most beautiful views of N-Y. The top of the Rock gives an extraordinary view of Central Park from one side and huge sky scrapers from the other. It is the place to go if you want to be breath taken and admire the city from the top. Cameras are very welcome up there to create magical memories like we did.
When the visit of the Rock was over, all the exchange students had some free time to enjoy and discover other sides of the city. Some of us went shopping while others decided to explore some museums such as the MET , the Guggenheim and the MOMA or visiting famous places like the 5th avenue, Central Park, the Grand Central Station or Time Square.
The afternoon was completed with the Broadway show Cinderella, a wonderful adaptation of the well-known fairy tale with a touch of modernity around the second part of the play that totally refreshes the story. The entire exchange group, I think, enjoyed the show and was pleased to discover Broadway’s exiting world.
After some free time in Time Square and a delicious meal in a pizzeria, we suddenly became celebrities. In fact, we had the privilege to ride two gigantic limo’s around the Big Apple like superstars. We surely had a great time all together, creating new memories and friends singing the same songs and dancing.
Once we all got dropped of downtown, the excitement was in the air. Indeed, we had great plans for the night…We were all going to throw a flash mob in the middle of Time Square on the music Wobble. A little bit nervous but ready to have a good time, all the exchange students started dancing and were even joined by some people that were in the mood to celebrate this trip with us! We surely are a great group and we recognized that night how awesome this trip is and how much we do not want to go home.
We left that night the city with a bittersweet taste but we all will remember how magical these three days in N-Y were.
Written by Marie Schyns!

Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20th - Day 10

Early in the morning we departed from the hotel and so we were on our way to New York City. Sleepy but excited we were looking forward to the city that never sleeps. We stopped by a cute little town where Yale University is located and enjoyed the awesome atmosphere and food.
Following a long bus ride to New York City , we got the amazing opportunity to visit the UN aka the United Nations. The nice south Korean ,now on we were only overwhelmed. The tour girl was from South Korea and Sumin got really excited.
The tour was sooooooo nice.We saw a street dance group dancing and afterwards we went to the famous Central Park and 5th ave. Yeeeaahh Babeee
Shopping was not that successful but we got a pic with hot and freaking good smelling Abercrombie model. Yeah.
Our dinner was near by the Columbus circle so it was amazing too

Written by Maie Wist!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19th - Day 9

The ninth day!
Today we had a pretty early breakfast that filled up our stomachs and got ready for the tour of Harvard university, one of the ivy league university and well known for the law school. Our guide was really funny and talkative, she is going to be senior next year and would like to continue study in medical school. She showed us around the campus, told us about how and why those building were built. I’ve known 2 of the biggest lies, one is it was not built by John Harvard.
The second lie is the statue that people believes to be John Harvard was not him either but it is called John Harvard statue. After that we had a lunch at Zoey's. We had an amazing experience that after noon with the duck tour. The vehicle was a mixed of a boat and a car, I guess that’s why they called it duck because it can both drive on land or water. Some of us got to drive the duck too. After an exciting tour we had a free time about 3 hours to walk around , shopping, have dinner and explore the city of Boston. Then we went back to the hotel and rested to get ready for next day.
Written by Pasawit Srisiri!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18th - Day 8

June 18th was a great day and we had a lot of fun. We traveled from Niagara Falls to Boston and also celebrated my "golden birthday"(18th years on the 18th) and it was awesome to spend it with these people.
After we woke up and had breakfast, the bus was packed and we left towards Albany, NY, and Boston. In New York state capital we had free time for lunch and fast visits. In that time, my group and I had greek food from a food truck (good and cheap food) and asked locals for places to go, so we ended up at an observatory up in the tallest building of the city. After that, the entire bus had a tour at the State Capitol, which was an old and pretty construction.
Afterwards, bus towards Boston! On the way there were birthday songs in several languages which was pretty cool. And also speeches to know more about people and I was the first one as it was my birthday.
After a long but still really fun ride, we got to the hotel in Boston, which turned to be one of my favorite cities in the US.
Written by Gabriel Moreira de Castro!